Levi Levi
What happened to this site?

Gretchen Gretchen
The site expired and the original owner let it go.

Levi Levi
Maybe it’s for the best.

Tanya Tanya
This topic is over 10 years old, and feels uncomfortable now.


This website was started in 2003 through to 2005, when it was dropped. During that period, it was used to advocate for the institution of marriage. Most importantly, It was used to oppose, the legalization of same-sex marriage as the marriage bill in Canada was under review to allow it.

The original owners of the site saw that the institution of marriage and it’s elements were under threat should such a bill be passed, hence they used this site for reach out and connect with other Christian who were also opposing the same, so that they could have something to show some political activity, or something like that.